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Dough Bowl Soy Wax Candle - Natural Brown

Dough Bowl Soy Wax Candle - Natural Brown

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This dough bowl candle contains 100% soy wax with premium grade fragrance oils infused with essential oils, as well as three cotton wicks that are lead and zinc free, which allows for a clean burn. 

Dough bowls are easy to repurpose as great decoration pieces after burning the candle! Each wooden dough bowl is hand carved so dimensions and capacity for wax can slightly vary. The dough bowls are approximately 9-1/2”Long x 5-1/2 Wide x 2-1/2”Tall and can hold approximately 15oz of soy wax.

Soy wax candles are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and have much longer burn times compared to other types of waxes.

Scent Descriptions:

Salty Sea - Fill your home with the scent of a sunny day by the sea. Enjoy notes of bright SoCal citrus and soft Lily of the Valley, blended with a warm and inviting amber.

Sunset Cheers - You just spent a beautiful day on the beach and are now enjoying a fruity drink while watching the sunset.  This scent is an energizing blend of citrus sorbet, crisp apple, jasmine, and magnolia over soft sandalwood and cedar wood tones.

Back Porch Swing - Imagine you are swinging on your back porch swing enjoying your summer blooms. This unique aroma blends together mango, gardenia, coconut, peach and light musk.


Morning Grind - Freshly ground coffee beans brewed with vanilla cream and cinnamon swirl. Need I say more? This candle goes great in the kitchen, light it right when you wake up.

Work from Home - It's here, we made it. The scent you WILL want burning in your house all day long! The calming blend of mahogany, creamy coconut, dark amber meets rosewood and white musk. If you are a fan of our best seller, Cactus Flower, you will love this scent!

Cocktail Hour - This refreshing and rejuvenating, fruity concoction contains strawberry, sweet peach nectar, and dragonfruit. The fruity notes are mellowed with a blend of white tea, vanilla and golden amber.

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